Wednesday, 29 September 2010

USG Report - The Futurist - Introduction

Urban Space Group Meeting
Thursday 26 August 2010
The Renaissance Centre


The Future of the Futurist Site

The potential embodied in the area surrounding the Futurist theatre is of immense importance to the image and future of Scarborough as a destination, as a seaside resort and as a rewarding place to live and work. For this reason, any proposals for the Futurist site must consider the impact on its immediate surroundings, on Scarborough as a whole and on the region.

For the purposes of our discussion, the implied “site” of the Futurist – and the area that should be considered when assessing any proposal for redevelopment and / or improvement – is assumed to be the block bounded by Foreshore Road, Blands Cliff, King Street, the Futurist steps and the existing buildings on Eastborough, plus the gardens, streets and other spaces around and within this block.

This Document

The comments, observations and conclusions presented within this document are a result of several meetings and a workshop held by the Urban Space Group over the last three years.

These are as follows:

Meeting held at the Royal Hotel - Thursday 08 July 2010
Meeting held at the Royal Hotel - Thursday 10 June 2010
Meeting held at the Palm Court Hotel - Thursday 13 September 2007
Workshop held at the Renaissance Office - Saturday 18 August 2007

The Group also drew upon comments made at the following Town Team meetings:

Meeting held at the Royal Hotel - Tuesday 19 June 2007
Meeting held at the Royal Hotel - Tuesday 15 May 2007

The document is a Group submission. Individual contributions have been credited where requested.

Document Presentation

Due to the length of this report the document has been split into five parts. Convenient links to each section can be found under 'USG Report - The Futurist', within the right hand coloumn of this page, or follow the navigation link below:

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Chair – Urban Space Group - Sunday 05 September 2010