Monday, 21 January 2008

Project Prioritisation - Part 2 / 3

Please note that these project proposals are a wish list drawn up by the USG and are in no way officially endorsed or as yet recognised by the Scarborough Renaissance Executive, Scarborough Borough Council or Yorkshire Forward.

Other potential projects:

6. Refurbishment / sale / investment in the Aquarium Top underground car park together with the Cliff Lift.

7. Semi-pedestrianisation / environmental improvements of the St Nicholas Cliff area between the St Nicholas Hotel and Grand Hotel.

8. Redesign of Falconers Square in conjunction with changes to traffic priority in Falconers Road and St. Nicholas Street.

9. Preparation of designs for the reduction of through traffic and improvement of pedestrian priority in St Nicholas Street and the southern end of St Thomas Street.

10. As per 'Kissing Sleeping Beauty' repave Westborough, Bar Street, Huntriss Row and sections of St Nicholas Street, St Thomas Street and Newborough.

11. Acquire the old rolling staking rink owned by the St Nicholas Hotel on Vernon Road for residential / car parking / offices.


12. Second stage feasibility study of the outer harbour including investigation of new public space with restaurant and onshore facilities.

13. Additional floodlighting to the Castle walls, Town Hall, west side of St Nicholas Cliff involving the St Nicholas Cliff and others in a coordinated floodlighting scheme - 'a lit backdrop to the South Bay'.

14. Engagement of architects and urban designers to prepare plans for the redevelopment of much of Foreshore Road between the Olympia and Eastborough traffic lights with a view to encouraging property owners to improve / redevelop.

15. Feasibility study to promote development on the eyesore site called the Grand Hall Terrace between the Grand Hall and Foreshore Road.

16. Architectural study of the potential of built development on the Quay Street car park and Eastborough car park.

17. Money for shop front grants to improve the appearance of Eastborough / Sandside.

18. Architectural feasibility study of the Eastborough / Queen Street block known as the Argos Building as envisaged as a public space in 'Kissing Sleeping Beauty'.