Monday, 21 January 2008

Project Prioritisation - Part 1 / 3

Please note that these project proposals are a wish list drawn up by the USG and are in no way officially endorsed or as yet recognised by the Scarborough Renaissance Executive, Scarborough Borough Council or Yorkshire Forward.

Potential key projects:

1. Production of plans and long-term development initiative for the Station Square area, including possible land acquisition.

2. Improvements and other Public Open Space issues associated with the urban stretch of the old Scarborough - Whitby railway line.

3. Redevelopment of the Futurist site and links to its surrounding environment.

4. Design work on the West Pier proposal.

5. Public realm improvements and other developments at The Mere and the surrounding area.

New additions:

A. Town Centre expansion.

B. Building a sense of place.

C. Art Gallery refurbishment.